Color Switcher Plugin

Color Switcher Plugin is a very simple plugin used to switch color style sheet in a site to change the colors of selected elements. Actually it change the style sheet that contain the colors for the selected classes. In this plugin, there are  different colors css file including the site default color.

Color Switcher Plugin
Color Switcher Plugin

In the color palette, the first one is the default color, i.e the original color of your main style sheet. But if you click into the other color, it will immediately change the default.css (injected by the plugin before into the page ) into the associated  style sheet of your chosen color 🙂  And that way your site color will change into new one as it's style will overwrite the default/main style for colors.

The installation is also very simple. You may add this to your all pages by adding one line into  your custom JavaScript page. Actually that line will  inject all necessary files.

See the demo of Color Switcher Plugin and also a small Documentation.

The plugin is under MIT license and free for use. You can download it from github @


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