Remove Firefox dotted outline select on Bootstrap

As a front end web developer, I mostly use Bootstrap framework. And I have often get a problem with  Firefox dotted outline select on Bootstrap.

Firefox dotted outline select
Firefox dotted outline select

In the above image you have seen that a dotted outline. And yes, I am talking about that unwanted outline on Firefox. It appears when you click or focus on a  link in firefox web browser.

How to remove firefox dotted outline?

To remove this unwanted dotted outline selection from Bootstrap,  you just need to write the following css on your master style sheet.  This simple css code will overwrite the default Bootstrap CSS.

CSS to Remove Firefox Dotted Outline  


This will remove or overwrite the default bootstrap css below.

a:focus {
    outline: thin dotted;
    outline-offset: -2px;

So, enjoy bootstrap...

Get the Biz One Page Parallax HTML5 Template

Biz is a One Page Parallax HTML5 Template having a highly creative design.  We have tried to implement all the new technique of the current trend. It's Awesome animation and shapes like hexagon are created with CSS3 and we hope, it will touch you. It's now on Themeforest, a market place of creative web based work, for sale. Let us see the features of Biz HTML5 CSS3 Template

a) Awesome Menu
b) Nice top Slider
c) Image Parallax Background
d) Video Parallax Background
e) Fully CSS3 Hexagons
f) Nice Pricing Tables
g) Blog Section and Blog Page
h) Single page
i) A fully Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Validate Template and Integrated with
1) Bootstrap
2) Font Awesome
3) Pretty Photos
4) Owl Slider
5) Google Map

some screen shots of Biz HTML5 Template are given below...

Biz One Page Parallax HTML5 Template
Banner Photo of Biz HTML Template

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