Bacteria Culture, isolation and purification

Separation of a single bacteria species from a multi species colony is known as isolation of bacteria. In nature a single type of bacteria species is usually occurs as only one component of a large and complex population containing many other organisms.

To study the characteristics of one species, that species must be isolated in pure culture. It is often helpful to use a selective method first; such a method can increase the relative proportion of the desired species in the population so that it can be more easily isolated.

A variety of techniques have been developed in isolation of bacterial colony. Some of these techniques are

  • The streak-plate technique
  • Roll tube technique
  • The pour-plate and spread-plate technique
  • Micro-manipulator technique.

We have followed the streak plate technique because it is easy and widely acceptable one.

The streak-plate technique:

The following materials and method had been used to isolate bacterial colony in streak-plate technique. Continue reading Bacteria Culture, isolation and purification