Regional Poultry Farm, Rajabarihat, Rajshashi.

Regional Poultry Farm, Rajabarihat, Rajshashi.

Govt. of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh


Men’s can get financial benefit from those kinds of birds and the birds reproduce with the care of man is called poultry. Chickens, ducks, geese, Guinea fowl, pigeon, turkeys etc. are generally considered as poultry birds.

On the other hand details knowledge on proper reproduction of duck and hen, egg hatchling in natural and artificial methods, proper care of chickens, appropriate chicken house made methods, nutritional food, diseases prevention, product of poultry etc management is called poultry science.

Now days, poultry farms are playing very important roles in the economy of our country. So to acquire knowledge on poultry farming we went to the Regional Poultry farm, Rajabarihat, Rajshashi. The information we have collected by exchanging thoughts with the staffs of the farm have been included in this report. Continue reading Regional Poultry Farm, Rajabarihat, Rajshashi.