Remove Mozilla Firefox Saved Password for Login Page

Sometimes, unfortunately, we save our password in the browser when we browse internet outside like cyber cafe. But it makes a easy way to hack our account. Somebody easily can access our account without knowing our login password. So, if the password saved by Mozilla Firefox we need to remove it to protect our valuable emails, documents and information.

Well, Now we are going to know how to delete or remove saved password in Mozilla Firefox web browser. Click tools of Mozilla Firefox and then choose Options. Now choose Security form the option dialog box. In the password section, choose Saves Passwords... Now you will see the list of  saved password in your browser. If you like to remove a specific website password or username, select it and then choose Remove. It you like to delete all saved password, choose Remove all. Now Close and try to access the site for what you save password and see it does not remember your password.
Enjoy internet and the  digital world...