Translate English to Bangla with Google Translate

Now you can Translate Bangla (Bengali) with Google Translate. Oh, I was wandering about that and now it is appear! See the image below- Now Google offer the Alpha edition and hope they will offer the Beta edition. I wrote on Google Translator as "Hi! How are you? " and following has come "হাই! কেমন আছ তুমি?". There are some problem on the English to Bengali translation or  Bengali to English translation. Go, Go and check it now on  Google Translate.

2 Responses to “Translate English to Bangla with Google Translate”

  1. zahed on 9:10 pm - June 25, 2011.

    very intaresting

  2. Md. Shahjahan khan on 11:56 am - February 23, 2013.

    I want to translate english to bangla

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