Need to be changed the Logo of Rajshahi University at Wikipedia

Rajshahi University (University of Rajshahi) is the second largest University of Bangladesh. You will found a lot of information about Rajshahi University (University of Rajshahi)  at Wikipedia and the link of Rajshahi University: . But I got a bug there and that is about the logo of Rajshahi University. The logo  at wikipedia is as follows-

Logo of Rajshahi University
Logo of Rajshahi University at Wikipedia

But I think it should be as follows.

Logo of Rajshahi University
Logo of Rajshahi University

I request to every all to say to the wikipedia administrator to change the logo of Rajshahi University from the page I hope all of you will agree with me.

Update on 5/13/2015 :

Looks like the logo has been changed and the old logo in WikiPedia are not available and that's why the logo in not visible on my site :).

Now, it's okay to see the original logo of our university in Wikipedia.

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