How to Backup Nokia Phone/Contact Number – Video

Hi viewers! How are you all? I will show you how to backup nokia phone contact number to your computer with nokia pc suite. You can see the number/s without using pc suite. Please enjoy the video and hope you will do it yourself.

If you are not able to see the video tutorial, follow the following:
Connect your Nokia phone with Cable or Bluetooth and open the Nokia PC Suite. Now open the contact and you will see the list of contact number of your phone. Now select all (you may use ctrl+a to select all) and copy them. Now create a new folder and paste all into the folder. Save the contact number to be secure from any unwanted risk. You have finished the backup.

Make shortcut (Hot Key) of any program video tutorial

How to make a shortcut of any program to run it with keyboard commend? There is a video tutorial to show you how to make a shortcut of any Program. I use windows seven to make my tutorial and hope you enjoy it. It is very easy to understand.

If you not able to see the video, I am here to tell you with text! First right click upon any program icon and choose properties. Now choose Shortcut key form the shortcut tab of the dialog box. Press Ctrl+Alt+(Any latter) for example Ctrl+Alt+W.You may add this to make the shortcut of the word program. Then choose apply and  OK. Now try the new key shortcut, hope you will enjoy it!