Video Tutorial to add Font in Menubar or Toolbar

Hay Friends, few days before I was write about how to add font in menu bar or toolbar of Microsoft Office word program. I have prepare a video tutorial of that and attached here below. Here I have shown all steps to add a font on menu bar of MS Word.  Hope you will enjoy the video tutorial. very simple!

If you got any problem to see the video tutorial or not able to see it, you may see text based tutorial to add font in menbar or toolbar.

Also if you don't understand, please feel free to add a comment below and I will answer you to solve that. So.. Keep writing ...


GrameenPhone Internet Settings

Need GrameenPhone Internet settings? Now, you will get it for free. Just you need to send a sms to 8080  and you will receive the GP Internet Settings. Take your handset on your hand and go to sms option, now type

All and send it to 8080.

You will get a message shortly from GP Saying

You will get GP WAP, GP MMS & GP Internet handset configuration setting soon. Use PIN code 1234 if required & save.

Wait a few Minuit, GP will send you all the handset settings according to your set. Save the settings with password 1234 if needed. Enjoy...

Summary of Internet Packages Features

Package Subscriber Type Features SMS Activation Usage Check
P1 (Minipack Pay Per Use) Only Prepaid Daily Maximum BDT 20 Unlimited Package with Fair Usage Policy Type P1 and send to 5000 *577*5#
P1 (Pay as you Go) Only Postpaid Pay As You go Type P1 and send to 5000 N/A
P2 (Unlimited) Both Prepaid & Postpaid Monthly Unlimited Package with Fair Usage Policy Type P2 and send to 5000 N/A
P3 (Night Unlimited) Both Prepaid & Postpaid Night Time Monthly Unlimited Package with Fair Usage Policy (from 12am till 10am) Type P3 and send to 5000 N/A
P4 (Daily) Prepaid Daily 150MB Package Type P4 and send to 5000 N/A
P5 (3GB) Both Prepaid & Postpaid 3GB Volume Based Package for 30 Days Type P5 and send to 5000 *566*10#
P6 (1GB) Both Prepaid & Postpaid 1GB Volume Based Package for 30 Days Type P6 and send to 5000 *566*10#
P7 Minipack 15MB Only Prepaid 15MB Volume Based package for 15 Days Type P7 and send to 5000 *566*1#

Configure Hand Set Manually.

How Do I Know My GP phone Number

Today,  my friend Ziya was call me to know the way to know his GrameenPhone  Internet Sim Number. But it was also unknown to me! How will I know my phone number?

Well, you may told to see the papers of the sim, but it is disgusting to find out the papers if you got another easy way! And you know what? Only SMS and internet access allowed for GrameenPhone  Internet Sim! I knew, there is a easy way, but I could not remember that time.  And that's why, I was call to GrameenPhone Customer Center (121 from Grameenpone Number). They give the solution. It is really very easy and free of service charge.

Just you need to take your phone on your hand and press *111*8*2#  and press the send(Call Button) button. Wait a bit, you will get the service reply with your mobile number as follows: Your Phone number is 88017********. So friends, never remember your GrameenPhone number, just dial *111*8*2# ha ha ha...

Hay, now it's more easy . just press *2# and dial to know your GP number

Bangla Font Installation Video Tutorial

Bangla Unicode Font installation video tutorial. Don't you know how to install font? enjoy the video tutorial to know the font installation system.

You may also copy the font into the C:\Windows\Fonts\ directory. This process is for windows operating system like windows seven.


Follow The instruction to install the font given below

1. Download and Copy the font "vrinda.ttf" and "sutonnyMJ.ttf".

2. Click Start Button.

3. Go to Settings.

4. Click to Control Panel.

5. Double Click "Fonts" Folder. If you not found "Fonts " folder, Click to "Switch to Classic View" from upper left side of your window. You will find "Fonts" Folder.

6. Right Click and Paste.

7. Restart Your Web Browser.



See Internet speed Windows Seven without third party application

In windows XP, when we double click the network connection(when internet connected) icon, we see the following.

Internet Connection status
Internet Connection status

Here we can see the statistics of current net connection.  In the Activity, we can see the sent and Received data  in Bytes. It you see carefully the changes of Received data or Sent data, you will easily calculate the sent (Upload) or Received (Download) speed. You may also disconnect your net connection by clicking Disconnect button.

But in Windows seven, when you click the network icon form taskbar you will find the following.

Network Connection of Seven
Network Connection of Seven

Here you will find the connection list. If any connection is connected with internet, it will show Connected, Click the connected connection and then right click upon it. Next choose Status to view the status of the connection. Hope you will enjoy it...