Man can be defined two ways with knowledge and without knowledge. Knowledge is the light of man's mind. It benefits through various ways. Usually we have studied theoretically any topic. Practical knowledge can accomplish such studies. Practical knowledge is efficient than theoretical knowledge. Final year student of Zoology as we Rajabari dairy, Gotary, poultry and Bangladesh Sericulture Research and Training Institute (BSRTI), the monarchy was to get practical knowledge. Animal farm and industry on a course is included in our curriculum. So we went to BSRTI Rajabari and get practical knowledge.

Field trip required us to follow, especially about the fields we know well as we go and collection and processing of animal products and byproducts and can gain knowledge about the different ways animals Promotion by students of the Zoology Department items as marketing strategy.


All about sericulture is taught in our Honours classes, which although increases our conceptual knowledge but does not give any practical knowledge at all. So, a field work is kept in our 4th year Honours syllabus to increase the practical knowledge and to fulfill this requirement for preparing a field report we have visited ‘Bangladesh Sericulture Research and Training Institute, Rajshahi’

In view of these issues in mind we monarchy, especially dairy and livestock improvement form local, regional growth Goat Farm, Rajabarihat Regional Poultry Farm and Bangladesh Sericulture Research and Training (BSRTI) Institute, Rajshahi visited farms in 26 October 2010. We 09:00 with 11 teachers at Rajshahi University's third science building to the front of the hon am and 10.00 pm we reached with the regional poultry farm started with 62 students.

Maintained a strict bio-security field, we all stopped going to the chicken cages. But a little information about the possibilities of their overall activity and the farm was given by responsible staff. Birds reproduce in captivity have been developed and the economic value of pet meat, eggs, feathers, fertilizer, livestock, food and medicine to present as products. Chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, pigeons, turkeys, etc. are generally regarded as the poultry birds.

We went to Rajshahi Dairy and Cattle improved form. There we visit farm fields, especially artificial insemination, and obtained a vast knowledge of other activities. Goat Farm regional development, we became familiar with various species. Problems of field staff activities to us, and gave valuable information on the possibility of the field. An animal farm for producing milk and meat is a way of profitable cattle. It is a systematic approach to manage the animal proper food, breeding, and animal diseases and parasitic infestations also against the housing and take preventive measures to deal with.

Goat becomes a very useful domestic animal. Goat farming of a family can be a source of extra income and it is a very small financial support and a small area can be set up with. To establish a good old one on a little common sense must earn.

Sericulture Research and Training Institute, Siroil is located in Rajshahi city. We went there. We observed BSRTI activities. We exchanged ideas with the employee to take information from sericulture. The following report is then prepared.

Sericulture and silk production known as the science behind the art is. Sericulture Greek word sericos' means' silk 'and English' culture 'means' follow' is coined from. Sericulture moriculture, silk producing organism-wide scale in order to comply with them silk and raw silk production to achieve the processing and marketing policy refers to. Sericulture is the last production 'Silk'. Indeed, silk cocoon produced by silkworms to spinning of animal origin, the most important phase of life, climate wave silkworm pupa proteineous of protection is a type of natural fiber. Fiber Central fibroin (C15H23N5O6) of 80 percent and external sericin (C15H25N5O8) is composed of 20 percent. These proteins either side of the body run with two silk glands of mulberry leaves are synthesized by the silkworm. The silkworm matures, its mouth through a spinneret silk fluid hardens with air in a fine silk fiber in contact with the two silk glands ejecting fluid begins.

Nowadays, many synthetic fibers are used extensively but is regarded as the lord of silk thread. A silk thread diameter is 15μ to 20μ. Silk production, silk production and weaving of the origin is ancient and clouded with legend. For nearly 3000 years back to China is the sole owner of the technology of silk production was considered (Krishnaswami et al 1973).

But now the practice of sericulture is spread around the world and Japan is now clear ahead of other countries. As a developing country, Bangladeshis silk production fame. Rajshahi silk in the middle of all the famous one because it is convenient and increases day by day to the silk shine. The development of silk production in our country, the silk industry research and training institute was established in Rajshahi city and Bangladesh Sericulture Board area Barind, Bholahat Upazila including their silk production expansion project.

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