Banglalink pc/mobile internet configuration

Hi friends.  Want to use Banglalink Internet on your  computer? Well, then you need to configure your dialer to browse Banglalink Internet. It is simple, view the page at to create internet dialer manually for your modem like mobidata or vodaphone.  Well, here are the APN (Access Point Name)   and Dialer No of Banglalink

Profile/settings name                : Banglalink WEB
APN (Access Point Name)              : blweb
Dial No                              : *99***1#
User Name                            : blank
Password                             : blank
Extra Initialization Command         : AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",“BLWEB“

You may also  use nokia pc suite to browse internet with your nokia phone or any other phone like Samsung or sony ericsson.

Find below the internet packages available from banglalink connection and the activation procedure:

GPRS Packages Post Paid (except Call & Control) Prepaid Call & Control
Package 1 TK 0.015/KB (without vat) TK 0.02/KB (without vat) TK 0.015/KB (without vat)
Package 2 Unlimited usage @ TK 650 per month (without vat) Unlimited GPRS package available for only Prepaid Desh connection @ TK 325 per 15 days. N/A
Package 5 FREE 10 MB per month, offered to existing postpaid package 1 & 2 and new customers of postpaid package 1 & SME Postpaid N/A N/A
Package 6 Any Banglalink subscriber can enjoy 1GB (1048576 KB) Internet only at TK 275 (+VAT) with a validity period of 30 days.

Note: Once the P6 (1GB Internet pack) has expired, customers will be charged TK 0.02 per KB if you are a prepaid user.

GPRS Activation through SMS to 3343

Case Package Segment Keyword Example Comment
1. P1 (Pay As You Go) activation Prepaid Package<space>Handset name<space>Handset model or P1 p1 nokia 7360 or P1 SMS Charger Tk. 2.30 / SMS
2. P2 (Unlimited) activation Prepaid only Desh Package<space>Handset name<space>Handset model or P2 P2 nokia 7360 or P2 SMS Charger Tk. 2.30 / SMS
3. P2 (Unlimited) activation Postpaid Package<space>Handset name<space>Handset model or P2 P2 nokia 7360 or P2 SMS Charger Tk. 2.30 / SMS
4. P6 (Unlimited) activation Both prepaid and postpaid Package<space>Handset name<space>Handset model or P6 P2 nokia 7360 or P6 SMS Charger Tk. 2.30 / SMS

I have got all the information from banglalink online customary care. If you have any other query please visit the page at us and contact with them. Thanks


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